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Set of ball-on-plate friction pair (GOST 12156-1)

LLC “TechProm” offers to buy a set of ball-on-plate friction pairs our production, used in manufacturing equipment from HFRR, PCS Instruments, Phoenix Tribology and some others. The set of ball-on-plate friction pair is a universal design developed within the framework of all modern Russian and international standards, which is confirmed by a number of certificates.



Набор «шарик-пластина»


Test plates by GOST 12156-1

Diameter: 10mm
Steel: AISI E-52100, hardened steel rod
Hardness: according to Vickers "HV 30" from 190 to 210 (ISO 6507)
Surface: polished to a value of Ra <0.02 micron (μm)

Test balls by GOST 12156-1

Diameter: 6mm
Steel: Grades 28 according to AISI E-52100
Hardness: Rockwell 58 to 66 units (ISO 6508-1)
Surface: polished to a value of Ra <0.05 micron (μm)

Standard package contents

HFRR test plates - 100 pcs.
HFRR test balls - 100 pcs.
GOST R voluntary certificate (blue form) - copy
Quality passport

Price: on request. Find out details by phone +7 (917) 550-46-31, or by email [email protected]

Summary of test method

The principle of using the ball-on-plate friction design is that the ball from the kit will be fixed in a holder located in a vertical position, and then pressed against a metal plate, which is pre-positioned horizontally. The ball makes reciprocating movements with adjustable length and stroke frequency. It is important for the ball to be completely immersed into fuel with a certain temperature. Any specifications either the temperature of the fuel or the properties of the ball and plate, are precisely set.


Our products are fully compliant with GOST R ISO 12156-1. Each set has 100 balls and plates.

To place an order please call tel.nr. +7 (495) 369-68-10 or send us an application right now


It is possible to send 2 pairs of ball + plate free of charge to your address.

End consumer or you will test them,
And you will make a verdict - whether such friction pairs suit you / him or not.

Specify the possibility of this sending in advance, from our manager by phone +79175504631 Nikitin Anton